Large bathrooms, especially master baths, are a given in newer homes, offering a bit of luxury and space for relaxation. If you’re looking to remodel your master bath — or any bathroom in your home — planning is key to a successful project. There are many opportunities to customize your new bathroom with both design and functional elements. Of course there are a basic necessities in a bathroom, as well as nice amenities that make it an extra special space. Shop at Keystone Supply Outlet in Allentown, serving Lehigh Valley, for the best values for your new bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Elements

Sinks. Sinks should be positioned so they are easily accessible. Porcelain sinks are the most common and versatile, but other sink styles are worth looking into. Stainless steel, granite, and copper sinks can add a luxurious look to your bathroom. Choose unique sink accessories for a custom look.

Vanity tops Custom vanity tops offer a unique look for your bathroom. Granite, marble, tile, and laminate vanities are common for bathrooms and provide a long-lasting and durable surface.

Vanity cabinets If space and budget allow, use a built-in vanity. Makeup vanities with room for a dressing stool or chair are particularly fashionable in a master bath.

Tubs Beautiful tubs are often the focal point of a master bath. Even if they’re not used much, they look best when there’s open floor space in front of them.

Showers Free-standing showers should be positioned so that moisture is contained to water-resistant areas. All glass frameless showers are popular, though some people still prefer are more private enclosed shower area.

Toilets While an obviously necessary part of your bathroom, try to keep toilets out of the line of sight of your bathroom entrance.

Storage Don’t forget to leave space for storage. A closet is best if you have the space, but large cabinets can also give you ample storage space and add to the custom look of your new bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities in Allentown, Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley

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